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Latest Florida News

Presumptive case of monkeypox probed in South Florida

The Health officials in Broward County said the person is in isolation

Florida abortion clinic suspended after hospitalizations

The clinic is entitled to a hearing about the decision.

Veteran Miami DEA agents charged in bribery conspiracy

They were charged with leaking confidential law enforcement information.

In Florida, 1 in 20 residents missed during US head count

Around 1 in 20 residents in Arkansas and Tennessee were missed during the 2020 census, and four other U.S. states had significant undercounts of...

Florida man charged in fatal crash in downtown Paterson

One person was killed and five others were hospitalized.

Ringling Bros. announces comeback tour but without animals

The interactive, live show will launch in September 2023.

Ban on protests in front of homes signed by Gov. DeSantis

Some Democrats opposed the bill, arguing it infringes on people’s First Amendment rights to free speech.

20 years since Navy ship sunk for artificial reef in Keys

Naval ship to become an artificial reef in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary.

US Rep. Gaetz associate receives another sentencing delay

A federal judge has approved yet another sentencing delay for Joel Greenberg.

Passenger who landed plane says ‘hand of God’ was with him

The pilot was taken to a hospital and is expected to be released early this week.

Miami bridge plane crash killed 1 on board, police say

The aircraft lost power Saturday shortly after takeoff

Pilot down, passenger takes over with ‘no idea how to fly’

The plane had taken off earlier from Marsh Harbour International Airport in the Bahamas.

Scientists grow plants in lunar dirt, next stop moon

For the first time, scientists have grown plants in soil from the moon.

Florida Secretary of State Laurel M. Lee to resign

Secretary Lee would step down Monday and thanked the governor, who appointed her in 2019.

2 sperm whales die within week in Florida Keys

Two sperm whales have died within a week of each other in the Florida Keys.

Coral reefs provide stunning images of a world under assault

Marine life is trying its best to resist global warming.

For Parkland survivor Eden Hebron, a long road to recovery from trauma

For survivor Eden Hebron, her life was in Parkland — her school, her friends.

Tourism and economic agencies join forces to market Orlando

Officials reported that 59.3 million tourists came to Orlando in 2021.

Walgreens, Florida settle opioid costs lawsuit for $683M

The opioid epidemic has been linked to more than 500,000 deaths in the U.S..

Ruling threatens US power as world’s high-seas drug police

At issue is the Maritime Drug Law Enforcement Act, passed by Congress in 1986.

Teen appeared to fall out of ride halfway through plunge

Sampson's dad said he appeared to fall out of his seat when plunging passengers.

British Islands premier asserts immunity in cocaine case

An attorney for Andrew Fahie made the request in a filing with Miami federal court.

Scores wait in Florida heat for days outside ICE facility

As many as 250 people, including children, have been waiting each day outside the ICE facility in Orlando.

Disney government in dark about effect of law dissolving it

Reedy Creek’s board could not provide clear answers on the issues.

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