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Prosecutors Seeking Death Penalty in School Shooting

The only other penalty option for Cruz, if convicted, is life in prison with no possibility of parole. Nikolas Cruz indicated he would plead guilty if his life was spared.

Gun Background Check System Riddled with Flaws

It only works if federal agencies, the military, states, courts and local law enforcement do a better job of sharing information with the background check system

The Complex History of ‘In God We Trust’

The place of “In God We Trust,” and similar invocations of God in national life reflect a particular view of the United States, not a universally accepted “American way.”

Method vs. Message: How Sports Can Start a Movement

Kaepernick and LeBron helped set a stake in the ground, declaring to athletes across all sports that their platforms could be used for more than fun and games.

Martin Luther King’s Words Still Inspire Nearly 50 Years After his Death

More than a half-century later, in a world full of contentious politics, one of King’s memorable quotes remains relevant. It’s from his book “Strength to Love,” first published in 1963.

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