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The year in clean energy: Wind, solar and batteries grow despite economic challenges

Clean energy is often now the least expensive, explaining some of the growth.

Feel alone? Check out these quotes on what it’s been like to be human in 2023

To help tell the story, we present quotes from people around the world who shared their experiences, thoughts and insights.

American democracy has overcome big stress tests since the 2020 election. More challenges are ahead

At the same time, the past three years proved that American democracy was resilient.

The secret life of gift cards: Here’s what happens to the billions that go unspent each year

Gift cards make great stocking stuffers — just as long as you don’t stuff them in a drawer and forget about them after the holidays.

Why more women live in major East Coast counties while men outnumber them in the West

Whether it refutes or confirms their suspicions likely depends on where they live.

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