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Secret US spying program targeted top Venezuelan officials, flouting international law

While there’s no clear mechanism to hold the United States accountable legally, the revelation threatens to roil already fraught relations with Maduro’s socialist government.

Grave peril of digital conspiracy theories: ‘What happens when no one believes anything anymore?’

Conspiracy theories have a long history in America, but now they can be fanned around the globe in seconds, amplified by social media, further eroding truth with a newfound destructive force.

Walmart’s latest perk for U.S. store managers? Stock grants

Walmart shares have risen 15% in the past 52 weeks, with the stock closing at $164.27 on Friday — up nearly 1%, or $1.43, per share.

Recovering from natural disasters is slow and bureaucratic. New FEMA rules aim to cut the red tape

Insurance markets in many states are buckling under the weight of payouts to those hit by wildfires and hurricanes.

How to deal with same-sex unions? It’s a question fracturing major Christian denominations

It’s become increasingly difficult for Christian denominations to fully accommodate clergy and congregations with opposing views on same-sex relationships.

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