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Teen’s miraculous survival in Florida collapse finds purpose

Jonah Handler’s miraculous rescue seems to have an obvious parallel.

Juneteenth celebrations emphasize ending racial disparities

Juneteenth commemorates the day in 1865 when Union soldiers arrived in Galveston

School massacre continues Texas’ grim run of mass shootings

More than 85 dead in all — occurred in the last five years.

‘Like every other day’: 10 lives lost on a trip to the store

10 voices were silenced, their stories left for others to recite.

For Parkland survivor Eden Hebron, a long road to recovery from trauma

For survivor Eden Hebron, her life was in Parkland — her school, her friends.

Nearly 1 million COVID-19 deaths: A look at the US numbers

More than 700,000 people 65 and older died. Men died at higher rates than women.

How climate scientists keep hope alive as damage worsens

The coping technique these scientists have in common is doing something to help.

Modest-income buyers being priced out of new-vehicle market

There's a widening disparity between the richest buyers and everyone else.

National Urban League finds State of Black America is grim

Black people still get only 73.9 percent of the American pie white people enjoy.

Some minority groups missed at higher rate in 2020 US census

Black, Hispanic and American Indian residents were missed at higher rates.

Rediscovering bike riding in a semi-post-pandemic world

For people who don't to get stuck in traffic, E-bikes are perfect!

Interview: Veronica Herrera on becoming Wonder Woman

Veronica Herrera has armed herself with an army of Amazonians who cannot be stopped.

Rents reach ‘insane’ levels across US with no end in sigh

Rents have exploded across the country, causing many to dig deep into their savings.

Trump’s heir? Some supporters eye DeSantis as alternative

For anyone toying with a Trump alternative, DeSantis topped the list.

Pandemic mystery: Scientists focus on COVID’s animal origins

The origin of the virus tormenting the world remains shrouded in mystery.

2 trials, 1 theme: White men taking law into their own hands

They highlighted polarizing issues about gun and self-defense laws, and racial injustice.

White supremacist prison guards work with impunity in Florida

Some Florida prison guards openly tout associations with white supremacist groups.

Key reason for supply shortages: Americans keep spending

High demand has brought goods shortages to the U.S. and much of the world.

People, homes vanish due to 2020 census’ new privacy method

Confidentiality has made people and occupied homes vanish — at least on paper.

How ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ became code for insulting Joe Biden

The line has become conservative code for something far more vulgar: “F—- Joe Biden.”

Weather junkies turn to Florida hurricane blogger for info

Mike Boylan became the first civilian to win the Tropical Meteorology Award.

‘As seen on TikTok’ is the new ‘As seen on TV’

TikTok, an app with 1 billion users worldwide, has also become a shopping phenomenon.

Disney World opened 50 years ago; these workers never left

Over those decades, Disney World added three more theme parks, two dozen additional hotels.

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