The Entire World is Laughing at America; Says Donald Trump



It is true what President Trump says, the entire world is laughing at us.

And the only reason is that while Americans are understandably focused on what’s happening at home, the rest of the world is moving fast to make gains on the distracted superpower.

Unfortunately, it’s not only that Americans are fascinated with politics, but we are in a political quagmire with an administration embattled in so many scandals that we need to get to the bottom of the truth.

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The world is laughing at us because morally wrong actions from the Trump administration are causing general public outrage. That only leads to a continually displacement of America as leader of the free world. And it is a fact, we don’t even see the U.S. as leader of the free world anymore.

Across the majority of the G20 nations, people prefer Merkel to Trump on world affairs, according to the survey, which examines attitudes in 37 nations, including in 17 of the 19 members of the G20 (the organization also includes a representative of the European Union). In only two of the G20 countries surveyed – India and Russia – do residents have substantially more confidence in Trump than in Merkel when it comes to world affairs.

The world is laughing at us because the “America First” policy is not just a statement of nationalist priority but a willful ignorance of the rest of the world.

Every action undertaken to make ‘America Fist” has caused a chain of side effects due to inept policies that impede the way our government normally functions.

China’s official news agency recently blamed “chronic flaws” in our politics and mocked President Trump for having the anniversary of his first year in office damaged by his alleged inability to negotiate a deal. “The Western democratic system is hailed by the developed world as near perfect and the most superior political system to run a country. . . . However, what’s happening in the United States today will make more people worldwide reflect on the viability and legitimacy of such a chaotic political system,” China’s news agency wrote, according to Reuters. That was in regard to the past government shutdown we experienced, illustrating a lack of leadership of this administration.

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In any other country — no matter how submerged in partisan squabbles — the government keeps on ticking. Government shutdowns are uniquely an American reality, which we might have again soon.

The entire world is laughing at the US because elsewhere in the planet, constitutions or political systems prevent scenarios that would be comparable to the political impasse in our government.

We need to reach a consensus with results for a more permanent solution. Twitter storms blaming others is not the right approach to leadership. Not knowing where the President stands on immigration issues by the majority of leaders in the Senate and Congress is not helping.

As America works hard during the day and takes a good laugh at itself before the night ends, may this segment of A Closer Look with Seth Meyers shed light on why the world is laughing at our administration.


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