‘Palm Royale’ features Carol Burnett, Kristen Wiig, Allison Janney and new-to-comedy Ricky Martin

How do you get comedy legend Carol Burnett to sign on to your TV show when her character spends multiple episodes in a coma? That was a...

Spotify paid $9 billion in royalties in 2023. Here’s what fueled the growth

Spotify paid out $9 billion in streaming royalties last year, the streaming giant said Tuesday in its latest “Loud and Clear” report. Spotify’s fourth annual report, which originally...

‘Oppenheimer’ crowned best picture at an Academy Awards shadowed by war

The win for “Oppenheimer” offered Hollywood a chance to celebrate despite swirling storm clouds in the film industry.

FX reaches back over 400 years for its next ambitious series, adapting the hit novel ‘Shogun’

The series has elements of intrigue and spectacle like “Game of Thrones,” with brutal beheadings, people boiled alive or sliced open with katanas, blood splashing on window screens and fire-tipped arrows.

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