Cycle Party Tour, an Adventure Through Artsy Wynwood in Miami



When you are in Miami you know there are things you can do beyond basking under the sun and spending time on some of the best beaches of Florida. Miami is famous for its vibrant cultural scene, cocktails-sipping nightlife, extended hours club experiences, and myriad party times.

There’s an attraction in Miami that tours different districts of the city, the Cycle Party Tour, which is probably one of the best entertaining ideas you can be part of in South Florida.

I had seen many people along the streets of Wynwood snap photos of happy people pedaling slow-moving, giant four-wheeled bikes, that I had to embark on one of these urban cruises to experience the fun myself.

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On a recent chilly Saturday night out in the Wynwood art district where tons of people were trailing along the sidewalks and whisking in and out of eateries, bars, and art galleries chock-full of graffiti, I joined a group of young women from Alabama about to board the Wynwood Cycle Party for two hours of fun and Florida-style entertainment. Me and my new travel companions officially checked in, got our large blue plastic cups, and received our instructions on the dos and don’ts of the tour.

So ready to start cruising the packed, hip streets of Wynwood, we all joined in to the hollering orders of our first mate Uzi—C’mon pedal, pedal, pedal….

Uzi, the tour guide at Cycle Party Wynwood

Since you start pedaling, you’re immersed in a unique experience.

Miami is rambunctious at times, and some people tend to come up with exuberant ways to enjoy their days. As we pedaled up our way, we were hailed by onlookers, photographed by curious bystanders, and high-fived by jubilant bikers acrobatically riding on one wheel.

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The girls on the tour had been on a trip to Cuba before – touring Havana, Cienfuegos, and Varadero. They experienced how Cubans like to have fun and party, which much of it has also been implanted in Miami and in the Wynwood neighborhood.

The Cycle Party made a first stop at The Butcher Shop Beer Garden & Grill to recharge with the most appreciated fuel of the night, drinks. Tickets were provided by the tour guide, and bartenders were ready to serve us our shots.

Good choice to make The Butcher Shop Beer Garden & Grill the very first stop. The venue has a very innovative concept with a square bar where we made our picks from a variety of craft beers and liquors. This bar has built a reputation for big beers and my hefty pint was the happy recipient of a cool Pilsner lager.

One of the girls in the tour drinking a refreshing lager at The Butcher Shop Beer Garden

The tour’s first stop is good to break the ice and chat with everyone who has been helping you pedal.

The girls on my ride were on a bachelorette tour and they all seemed very happy to be in Miami. When they were in Cuba they visited different cities and got to know firsthand how friendly and gregarious Cubans are. Another couple of women were on this tour for a second day in a row. They had had such a great time the night before that they decided to go for a second pass.

We set sail on our ride again and this time we had the opportunity to enjoy Wynwood murals as we rode up to our next destination. With so many people out on the streets all over 2nd avenue, it was hard to look at some of the famous murals that have made Wynwood a popular destination in Miami. But from The Butcher Shop toward the next stop, gorgeous murals graced our way and made the ride more interesting.

Murals you can see along your Cycle Party ride

Our Cycle Party guide Uzi can easily land a DJ side job. He was phenomenal in hitting the right music to play from his phone into the bike’s modest loudspeakers, making everyone in the tour sing along and even dance. I don’t say it was the effect of the alcohol, but the girls really put on a show!

It is what you expect to do when you are on a Cycle Party tour.

The bike has 15 comfortable seats, allowing a dozen riders to sit one in front of the other on rows of six persons each, while three more passengers ride on the rear-end seats. If the music tempts you, feel free to jump on the main aisle that spares room enough to dance.

After another short ride through the picturesque streets of Wynwood we pulled in at one of the most famous restaurant/bar in North Miami, known to serve some of the best ceviche in the city.

SuViche Sushi, Peruvian & Pisco Bar is one of those causal eateries in Miami where you love to catch a bite with friends on weekends. The place is a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisines with a crafty menu for ceviche and sushi as only these two countries can make them. Besides their yummy food, the restaurant exudes the fashionable attractiveness of the Wynwood district.

A look at the SuViche Sushi, Peruvian & Pisco Bar | Photo FLD Post

But the Cycle Party crew was not here for the food, but for more drinks. As we got to the bar, a very friendly barista explained to us the drinks we could have.

Big fonts painted on the Pisco bar walls read “Let’s Get Saucy.” The barista’s explanation of his artisanal cocktails was an affidavit for the delicious spirit from Peru, infused with fresh herbs, fruits, and spices we were to enjoy.

SuViche Pisco bar was much of a novelty for me. Pisco is a colorless brandy produced in winemaking regions of Peru and Chile. One of the key regulations of pisco is that it cannot be aged in wood at all like brandy and cognac. The result is a unique pristine quality of a spirit with such good grapiness that makes it so drinkable.

My ‘trago coqueto” [saucy drink] was their Pisco Chilcano which consisted of Pisco, fresh lime juice, ginger ale, and a dash of whiskey bitters. To be honest, very refreshing and invented to make you have multiple rounds in just one night.

Pisco Chilcano made at SuViche Sushi, Peruvian & Pisco Bar.

But as cozy as we were -chatting and drinking- Uzi made the call for a groupie (yes, a group photo) before hopping on our giant Cycle Party bike again to pedal our way to yet another fun stop in the neighborhood.

The trendy arts district we were cruising through has gone from warehouses and auto shops to hosting some of the hottest art galleries, restaurants, and bars in Miami. Much of the success of this tiny neighborhood is credited to Goldman Properties, the company behind the Wynwood Walls that has made possible world renown street artists to imprint their art in the area.

Now it is a lively district and places to party all night abound.

Our final stop within the neighbor was the right place to end up partying after hours. As soon as we hopped off the bike, our bachelorette gang demonstrated they’re cutout to enjoy life like we do in South Florida.

The bachelorette group upon arriving to Gramps, the last stop of the tour.

Then we all headed into Gramps, a trendy hangout with live entertainment in the outside and an AC bar inside. It was the most anticipated stop of the tour. After pedaling up and down for the better of an hour and a half, nothing better than air conditioner – and more beers!

Out on the patio a DJ had a mix of hipsters and laid-back patrons jumping on their feet as he remixed insane hits from the 80’s and 90’s.

There was a great vibe at Gramps all in all. The artfully painted tables and chairs in the terrace resembled a tiki bar in the Keys while the inside bar offered enough room to pull up by the bar or sit down to chat over beers and cocktails. I even ordered pizza – yes, they have a pull-up window for pizzas – that served as antipasto before my late-night diner after the tour.

After two hours partying with the Cycle Party guys and hopping on and off their entertaining and mixologist itinerary, Uzi returned us to our starting point—of course, pedaling!

None of us were disappointed. Cycle Party Wynwood lived up to our expectations.

Group photo during the Cycle Party tour in Miami. | Photo FLD Post

The Wynwood art district scene is truly unique and this tour builds a perfect experience for a group that wants to have fun. Maybe you see the bike going around and you might think it is just pedaling and rising your elbow on 4 wheels. No way, Jose. Cycle Party is a terrific thing to do anytime; where music, bar crawling around an exciting art district, food, and sightseeing make a memorable adventure worth riding for.

If you are interested, Cycle Party operates in Miami (Wynwood), thought they also have locations in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach. They’re good for different group purposes – birthdays, bachelor/bachelorette parties, fund-raisers, corporate outings, and even single mixers – me, ha!

Rating: five out of five.

Review of the Cycle Party Miami tour that goes around the artsy Wynwood neighborhood. Learn about how to have fun with the Cycle Party in Miami and places to go sightseeing during the two-hours tour. The Cycle Party tours are good for different group purposes.

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