Boynton Beach 5th Biennial Kinetic Art Exhibit: A moving experience



Hearts with arrows that spin in the wind. A running metallic horse. Giant butterfly wings that let you become one with the art.

These are some of the wondrous indoor and outdoor kinetic works of art that will be displayed at the 5th Biennial Kinetic Art Exhibit presented by the City of Boynton Beach Art in Public Places from Saturday, March 6th to Sunday, March 7th, downtown Boynton at East Ocean Avenue where large scale sculptures will be accompanied by more entertainment and other displays at the newly renovated Cultural Center.

“We are excited for the opportunity to showcase outdoor and indoor artworks, live music, food, and a Children’s Kinetic Artwork Display, plus fun for the whole family at the Schoolhouse Children’s Museum during this year’s memorable event. In addition, exhibits and displays will be held in our newly renovated Boynton Beach Arts & Cultural Center and live music performed on the City’s new state of the art outdoor stage,” says Lori LaVerriere, City Manager.

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As the first major event in the newly renovated 4,000 square foot Cultural Center, a three-day exhibition of kinetically inspired work will be presented in an area that can safely welcome 130 people at a time with masks.

“Cities in Florida create unique art events to spark interest in the city and art,” says Glenn Weiss, Art in Public Places Manager for the City of Boynton Beach. “Miami Beach has Art Basel. Tampa has Lights on Tampa. Jacksonville has Art Republic murals. Lakeland has Lemon Street sculptures. Boynton Beach invented the only continuous Kinetic Art Biennial in the world. What do you need for Kinetic Art?…. Sunshine and a breeze. Both abundant in south Florida.”

As for how the artists were selected, they come from across the globe and in our backyard.

Some of the top national artists working in kinetic sculpture will be presented, several of them are Florida based. Artists include Ron Agam, Joel Amit (Blue Gallery); Olga Duenas; Kimon Fotaidis; Brookhart Jonquil; Oliver Haligon; (Haligon Fine Art); Marco Mahler; Debbie Mostel Designs; Kyle Poyser; Luisa Russo; Darren Miller; Frank Hyder; Lloyd Goradesky; Ana Giovinazzo and more. Mobiles, op art, and at least, eight of Frank Hyder’s giant two-faced inflatable heads will be on display.

There are already two new permanent works of public art for the Town Square Boynton Beach Redevelopment Project by Ralfonso and Don Gialanella. Both polished stainless-steel sculptures were completed in 2020.

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“Reflections” is a kinetic sculpture by Ralfonso who shares time between West Palm Beach and Geneva, Switzerland. The World-renowned kinetic sculptor’s piece “Reflections” sits at the corner of E. Ocean Ave. and E. Seacrest Blvd. The 27’ high sculpture features twenty-one 3′ to 11’ long bird-like wings that rotate in the wind. Made of polished stainless steel, it reflects nature by day and is colorfully lit at night. The wings intersect and rotate like wind tunnels, representing the City’s diversity and unity. Three Zen-shaped seating walls allow sculpture viewing from various angles.

“Synesthesia” by Donald Gialanella of St. Petersburg, is an intimate circular space of polished columns, sound, and light.  As one enters the space, surprising sounds can be heard like a symphony tuning up. Thunderclaps and lights flash like lightning in the clouds.

Outside are new works by Rubem Robierbo of Miami – “Dream Machine” and “The Healing Heart”. A Pop-Artist born in Brazil, Robierb has worked with poetry, painting, photography, and sculpture to create captivating, visually compelling works of art with strong symbolism and underlying messages. During this year’s Kinetic Art event, Robierb will feature cutting-edge Augmented Reality (AR) technology to display along with each of his pieces.

Sure to be a crowd-pleaser, “The Mechanical Horse” will run in the wind by Adrian Landon, Brooklyn. Adrian developed his initial body of work in the New York area, with his first Mechanical Horse created in 2014 when he began to show his work nationally and internationally. In 2019, he received the Honorarium Grant from Burning Man to make a giant mechanical Pegasus, his largest and greatest sculpture yet.

Boynton Beach 5th Biennial Kinetic Art Exhibit: A moving experience
Art from by Frank Hyder (Photo Pedro Penalver, FL Daily Post)

A familiar sight at art fairs throughout South Florida, “Janis Project” by Frank Hyder of Miami. Hyder has participated in more than 200 group shows and over 100 solo exhibitions throughout the Americas, Asia, and Europe. His colorful inflatable heads create a Pop art Easter Island with multiple meanings.

“Let Love Guide Your Way” by Lloyd Goradesky of Hollywood, uses the power of art to create social interaction and dialogue with innovative technology combined with a unique use of materials. He incorporates natural elements within the environment such as sunlight, wind, rain, etc., to amplify the design or effect of a public art piece. He is well known for his enormous floating Gator in the Bay with snapping jaws made of rubber floating art tiles from 2013.

“Prairie Flame” by Darren Miller of Decatur, Illinois explores the relationship of line, form, and negative space as a manifest in dance which he applies to kinetic sculpture. His background as a machinist/metal fabricator, pen and ink artist, avid windsurfer, and hobby fiddler are invaluable tools that help him create unique durable metal works.

“Magnify” is by successful designer Kirk Seese of Baltimore who has made work for the sets of blockbuster movies, HBO series, in school classrooms, and countless homes and buildings across the country. He designed hundreds of themed climbing walls, and his 2D designs became a 3D reality, as they built and opened new gyms across America.

“IPO 004” is by Robert Coon of Vero Beach, a painter, sculptor, and printmaker known for his brightly colored, abstract sculptures in metal.

If you plan to participate and need more information, please visit All Events FREE to the public. Masks are required to attend.

Boynton Beach 5th Biennial Kinetic Art Exhibit

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