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West Palm Beach

Beach in the Town of Palm Beach Needs a Clean-up

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The beach in the town of Palm Beach —known as the island by locals— is the main beach for most people living or visiting the town or nearby West Palm Beach. But the the sight of buggy eyes and dismantled fish limbs is not a good sign for those wanting to walk on the sand.

So much seaweed along the beach in the town of Palm Beach in Florida is not what the tourist economy needs, but eventually is there each and every day. Lots of seaweed wash up on the shore of the town and get in the way of the fun that people expect to have when they decide to spend a day on the beach.

Beach in the Town of Palm Beach Needs a Clean-up
Seaweed spotted along the beach in the town of Palm Beach, Wednesday, February 20, 2019. (Photo: Danny Rodriguez, The Florida Daily Post)

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