Brian Cattelle: Traveling the Country to Capture Images

A photographer who has always been attracted to old things, who likes places that are off limits, and has a fascination with that feel.

Here’s Your Sign: Chalk & Brush Brings Artistry to the Craft

The tradition of hand-made signs has mostly been lost, but a company team – Cinthia and Ben Levy – in Miami aims to change all that for the right customer from their shop Chalk & Brush.

Broward’s A&E District Garage Sports New Mural by Arlin Graff

Bright new mural by Arlin Graff across Broward Arts Center Garage, the highest profile cultural intersection in Ft Lauderdale.

Dana Kleinman and Ruth Avra Kleinman Create Cosmic Pipelines

The sister duo make some highly polished, unusual sculptural works out of aluminum and paint gel mediums.

Renda Writer: The Power of Repetition

The Miami-based artist who is painting the words “World Peace” on murals across the country and the world, is a man who believes in following his passions.

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