The colorful homeland of Laelanie Larach infuses her work

Laelanie Larach's style depends on her mood and inspiration, but art has always been part of her childhood and dreams. Bright bold colors can become drastic combinations when she lets her imagination emerge in the canvas and allows her inspiration to go wild.

Nate Dee: Spirit Animals and Bearded Dragons

A native Floridian, Nate Dee has made dozens of murals in cities all over the US, been featured in magazines, and listed as one of the 10 Miami artists to follow. The joy of his work comes across in a ritual he has after finishing a piece.

Art So Good It’s Criminal: Shirley Henderson’s Courtroom Illustrations

Henderson is a painter, courtroom illustrator, and arts educator.

Miami artist Didi Rok rolls with femme street art

Didi's style is decidedly feminine – exotic fairy-like women with flowing hair and flowers and waves trailing in their perfumed wake. She has a studio on top of a popular bakery in Little Havana and has been working non-stop painting murals for restaurants, the Miami Book Fair, and music festivals.

Talin Lyman’s Art of Lush Landscape, Wine Included

She travels to exotic places and takes photos as inspiration for her large scale landscape paintings. Her paintings of leaves and fronds have a classic look but are made contemporary and unusual with her use of the wine.

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