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Allegra Miles from West Palm Beach, Secured a Spot on Team Nick

Allegra Miles who has been singing through Palm Beach County, made her debut in the blind auditions of NBC's season 18 of The Voice. Watch her whole audition below.

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Tonight on Season 18 of The Voice, Allegra Miles living in West Palm Beach, secured a spot on Team Nick by singing “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon.

She has been singing throughout Palm Beach County at coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and featuring concerts at local events. 

Hailing from the Virgin Islands but living in West Palm Beach, she made her debut in the blind auditions of NBC’s season 18 of The Voice. She sings with soul and vocal control well beyond her years and wants her music to connect people and spread more love.

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Kelly Clarkson compared Allegra to earlier season winner, Brynn Cartelli. She turned her chair early in Miles’ audition. “I could tell you were really into the message, I was like, ‘Woah, someone so young could have that much depth. That’s so telling of your character and what you’re going to be like as an artist,” said Clarkson.

But Nick checked all the boxes by sharing how he and Allegra have a lot in common, and that apparently sealed the deal. 

Watch her whole audition below:

[arve url=”https://videos.files.wordpress.com/3022Ky4H/sixteen-year-old-allegra-miles-sings-kings-of-leons-use-somebody-the-voice-blind-auditions-2020_hd.mp4″ thumbnail=”43321″ upload_date=”Mar 2, 2020″ duration=”6M42S” /]

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Allegra began writing and publishing songs 4 years ago. Her originals are musically and lyrically sophisticated, captivating audiences with songs ranging from chill/R&B-inspired to upbeat and uplifting, songs that have depth and authenticity one would not expect from someone so young. 

Her revamped Kings of Leon’s hit is an eyebrow-raising in her debut on The Voice. 

“I have a lot of so many incredible people who have been there for me. And I love so much many of my friends and family and they’re here tonight,” Miles said.

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