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Global coronavirus cases top 20M as Russia approves vaccine

It took six months or so to get to 10 million cases after the virus first appeared.

Justice Department is dropping Flynn’s Trump-Russia case

The action was a stunning reversal for one of the signature cases brought by special counsel Robert Mueller.

2016 Again? Trump Rejects Intel Reports of Russian Meddling

Trump pushed back against the reports that Russia is working to help reelect him.

Watchdog Report: FBI’s Russia Probe Justified, no Bias Found

The report's nuanced conclusions deny a clear-cut vindication for Trump’s supporters or critics.

Russia Provides Mood Music for the Unfolding Political Drama

Russia is the character standing just off-stage with a dominant role in this tale of international intrigue.

Scott Says he Wasn’t Told About Russian Hacking in 2016

Scott said he was never contacted by the Department of Homeland Security in 2016.

Robert Mueller: No Russia Exoneration for Trump

Robert Mueller bluntly dismissed President Donald Trump’s claims of “total exoneration.”

Key Takeaways when Mueller Broke his Silence on Russia Probe

Takeaways as Mueller breaks his silence on Russia probe in the nearly two-year investigation.

DeSantis: Russians Accessed 2 Florida Voting Databases in 2016

Russian hackers gained access to voter databases in two counties ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

Mueller Ends the Russia Investigation; Now What?

Special counsel Mueller has concluded his Trump-Russia investigation. Now what?

Mueller Concludes Russia-Trump Probe; no New Indictments

The 22-month probe ended without additional indictments by Mueller despite public speculation.

Mother Russia: South Florida Sees a Boom in ‘Birth Tourism’

Every year, hundreds of pregnant Russian women travel to the United States to give birth.

Judge Finds Manafort Lied to Investigators in Russia Probe

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson was another loss for the former Trump campaign chairman.

Fact Check: Trump on the Wall, Drugs, Russia, Vets

It was a week of half-truths, changed stories and outright fabrications in Trump’s Washington.

Trump Denies ever Working for Russia, Blasts Investigators

President Donald Trump on Monday denied he ever worked for Russia against U.S. interests.

Report: Russia Still Using Social Media to Roil US Politics

The Russian campaign didn’t end with Trump’s ascent to the White House.Troll farms are still working.

Top Takeaways: Prosecutors Detail Key Pieces in Russia Probe

Prosecutors for the first time connected President Donald Trump to a crime.

Putin Says Russia Will Target Nations Hosting US Missiles

Putin says if the United States deploys intermediate-range missiles in Europe, Russia will have to target the nations.

Russia’s Biggest War Games Include Submarine Hunt in Pacific

About 3,200 troops from China have joined about 300,000 Russian troops for a week of war games.

US to Impose Sanctions on Russia over Nerve Agent Attack

The new sanctions come despite President Donald Trump’s efforts to improve relations with Russia.

Trump Appears to Change his Story on Meeting with Russian Lawyer

The 2016 meeting at Trump Tower that is pivotal to the special counsel’s investigation.

Blistered by Bipartisan Condemnation, Trump Says he Misspoke on Russian Meddling

President Donald Trump sought Tuesday to “clarify” his public undermining of American intelligence agencies.

29-year-old Gun-rights Activist Served as a Covert Russian Agent

Maria Butina was arrested hours after President Donald Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump-Putin Helsinki Summit: Russian Propaganda Scores Big, Trump Regrettable

The Latest on President Donald Trump’s summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland.

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