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‘Oppenheimer’ dominates Golden Globes, ‘Poor Things’ upsets ‘Barbie’ in comedy

Christopher Nolan’s blockbuster biopic “Oppenheimer” dominated the 81st Golden Globes.

The long Kiss goodbye ends at New York’s Madison Square Garden, but Kiss avatars loom

One hint, though: In a promotional video released after the show, Gene Simmons said, “It’s gonna be the best concert you’ve ever seen.”

Melissa Herrington springs into orbit

Melissa Herrington continues to take the viewer on a rewarding journey.

Severe storms pummel South killing at least 2 in the Panhandle

Washington County Sheriff’s Office said that two were killed and two injured.

Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty in Landmark #MeToo Moment

The 67-year-old Weinstein had a look of resignation on his face as he heard the verdict that could put him away for the rest of his life.


Celtics win 18th NBA championship with 106-88 Game 5 victory over Dallas Mavericks

Jayson Tatum put his hands behind his head, with...

Bryson DeChambeau wins another U.S. Open with a clutch finish to deny Rory McIlroy

Bryson DeChambeau climbed back into the most famous bunker...

Mavericks and Oilers already have made some history in their comeback quests

For the Dallas Mavericks and the Edmonton Oilers, the...