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Scammers are swiping billions from Americans every year. Worse, most crooks are getting away with it

The scammers are winning. Sophisticated overseas criminals are stealing tens...

Debate takeaways: Trump confident, even when wrong, Biden halting, even with facts on his side

Thursday’s presidential debate was a re-run that featured two...

Texas added more Hispanic, Asian and Black residents than any other state last year

Everything is bigger in Texas, including the number of...

An AP photographer was looking for a cricket match but instead found a most intriguing kids game

Award-winning photographer Ramon Espinosa has been with The Associated...

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AP Investigation: In hundreds of deadly police encounters, officers broke multiple safety guidelines

In hundreds of deaths where police used force meant to stop someone without killing them, officers violated well-known guidelines for safely restraining and subduing people...

America’s child care crisis is holding back moms without college degrees

After a series of lower-paying jobs, Nicole Slemp finally...

A healthy US economy’s secret ingredient: Immigrant workers, eager to fill jobs

How has the economy managed to prosper, adding hundreds of thousands of jobs, month after month? Increasingly, the answer appears to be immigrants.

Bernie Sanders wants the US to adopt a 32-hour workweek. Could workers and companies benefit?

The 40-hour workweek has been standard in the U.S. for more than eight decades. Now some members of Congress want to give hourly workers an extra day off.

Art News

The art of being Leo Messi. The soccer star is the biggest deal – and art – in town

Time and a big deal have brought the art full circle. The paint is dry – let the games begin!

Wynwood pioneer Jenny Perez goes global

Jenny Perez was an early pioneer in the street art movement, exploring abstract expressionism with pop art.

Melissa Herrington springs into orbit

Melissa Herrington continues to take the viewer on a rewarding journey.

Florencia Clement de Grandprey makes haunting art on intricate rugs

Her style and media have evolved over the years as she continuously explores surfaces and materials.

Frank Hyder is blowing up the art world one head at a time

Hyder has participated in more than 200 group shows and over 100 solo exhibitions.

Gators, hearts and rainbow dragons: Lloyd Goradesky’s nature-inspired art

As an artist, Lloyd Goradesky thinks big, not just in scale.

Food & travel

Your morning coffee may be more than a half million years old

That coffee you slurped this morning? It’s 600,000 years...

Tangy goat cheese balances meaty mushrooms in a simple vegetarian salad

For a vegetarian salad that hits all the right notes, combine tangy cheese with meaty mushrooms and bitter greens.

Arlo Wynwood an oasis in a changing neighborhood

A weekend in Wynwood is just enough time to take in the blocks of street art, shops, museums, and dining.